1. Forum for players

[1] Where can I get a tryout ? Where can I show my skills ?

[2] How much money can I make playing in a European club ?

[3] How do I sign a contract in a European club ?

[4] Where in Europe should I play ? In which league should I sign a contract ?

[5] How do I find a good football agent in Europe ?

[6] What is a football career in Europe like ?

[7] How different is football in Europe compared to Africa ?

2. Forum for coaches

[8] Have you seen this young talented player on the pitch ?

[9] How do you rate this player ?

[-] How can I contact this player ?

[-] I need to find a scout in Africa

3. Forum for agents

[-] How do I contact this player ?

[-] How do I contact this coach ?

[-] How do I contact this club ?

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